First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water

First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water is required to prevent more damage on your smartphone

First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water

Many today’s Smartphones have the waterproof capability which characterized by IP67 certificate support. For example, the Sony Xperia Acro S, Motorola Defy Mini, Samsung Xcover¬†and so on. Thus, there wouldn’t be a problem if exposed to water or the extreme, it splashed into the water.

The question is, what if the usual Smartphone experience those misfortunes? Here are the steps that can be applied as First aid for the Smartphone exposed to water, so your Smartphone still safe from the threat of damage.

  1. Dry the cell phone
    Dry your cell phone by using a towel or other soft textured fabric. So that the water inside your cell phone out, shake your cell phone gently. Avoid drying the cell phone using a hair dryer because the circuit in your cell phone very susceptible to heat.
  2. Use Alcohol
    Use alcohol to remove water from the cell phone. Beside evaporate more quickly, alcohol can also force the water out.
  3. Piled with rice
    It may sound a bit strange, but the rice has a nature to absorb the humidity, therefore hoards the cell phone in the rice overnight can also help reduce the humidity level from your cell phone.
  4. Use Dry box
    Dry box is the storage media that is equipped with a series of tools to ensure the humidity stored within them awake. By placing the device in a dry box, you can set the level of humidity in the dry box as low as possible. This is very well done so that the humidity level on your cell phone can be reduced slowly but stay safe.
  5. Bring to a technician
    If all effort you’ve done, but your cell phone can not be turned on it’s time to bring your Smartphone to an experienced technician. Do not be ashamed to admit that your cell phone is damaged due to splash into water. This is you need to do because¬†your own cell phone basically have generally been equipped with certain indicators show that the cell phone has been exposed to water.

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