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Lumia 1000, Nokia EOS 41 MP Camera Official Name ?

Nokia Lumia 1000 (EOS) illustrationNokia Lumia 1000 (EOS) illustration

Lumia 1000, Smartphone from Nokia with high resolution camera that was rumored as Nokia EOS Nokia has a plan to release Lumia Windows Phone series with 41MP camera sensor support. And, this cell phone from the initial information rumored...

Windows Phone 7.8 Performance Demonstrated on Nokia Lumia 510 Video

Windows Phone 7.8 on Nokia 510

For Windows Phone 7 device which is can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 version, Microsoft will roll out Windows Phone 7.8 update (rumors will continue to WP 7.9). Well, many of us are curious about the appearance and...

Nokia Lumia 830 Leaks, Will be Lumia 710 successor ?

Lumia 830

Lumia 830 is expected to be the Lumia 710 successor The Windows mobile phone made by Nokia which has not been announced emerged again,  leaked by a website based in China, WP Dang, which is then forwarded by WPCentral. Smartphone that...

ZTE Prepare 5.9-inch Full HD Phablet Based on Windows Phone OS ?

Zte Windows Phone Phablet

Unlike some other vendors that has been issued a phablet with Android platform, ZTE seemes to enliven the competition in that segment, but with a different feel. According to rumors, ZTE is rumored to be the first vendor that...

Lumia 900 AMOLED screen Defeat Galaxy S and iPhone 4

lumia 900 Amoled Screen

Lumia 900 AMOLED screen is the winner visibility tests conducted by DisplayMate AMOLED screen, though it beautiful to look, it has performance issues when viewed under the bright sun. In fact, the first phone that uses an AMOLED display...

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