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How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed


For camera lovers, this is an infographic for you about to choose the right shutter speed Source:

Canon Launches World’s Smallest DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 100 D SLR Camera

It is EOS 100D, the name of the world smallest camera that features an APS-C 18 megapixels sensor with an ISO sensitivity range of 100-12800 and DIGIC 5 processor

Lynny Lens – A New Creative Effects Tilt Shift Lens – A Lensbaby Muse/Spark/Composer Alternative

Lynny Lens 3

The Lynny is a creative effects SLR camera tilt shift lens. If you know what a Lensbaby lens is, then you should understand what the Lynny Lens is about. You tilt the Lynny around in all angles, and squeeze...

Canon EOS 550D Digital Rebel T2i, a Baby EOS 7D

Canon EOS 550D

Canon EOS 550D Digital Rebel T2i called Baby EOS 7D by Simon Jackson of For you  photography lovers, both amateur and professional and being hunting for the latest cameras with today’s best ability, can hunt EOS 550D Digital Rebel T2i, promoted with the slogan ‘The Evolution Continuous’, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i is a professional entry level camera in the EOS series SLR  with a...

HTC Sensation Camera Claimed Having Fastest Camera

HTC Sensation Camera

HTC Sensation Camera Claimed Still Faster Than Any Competitors. Like do not accept the claim From Nokia that said the new released smartphone, N9 has the fastest camera compared to other phones camera. HTC via the Twitter social networking site claims that the HTC Sensation has the fastest camera in the West (and East, South and North). As the...

Sony NEX-C3 New Mirrorless Lightweight Camera

Sony NEX-C3 New Mirrorless Lightweight Camera

Sony NEX-C3 New Mirrorless Lightweight Camera – as well as doing many other manufacturers of digital cameras, Sony has decided to continue the development of devices mirrorless , which represents the right compromise between portability and performance. Since August,...

Sony Alpha A35 Digital SLR Camera Coming Soon!

Sony Alpha A35

Sony Alpha A35 Digital SLR Camera Coming Soon! – Come more rumors about news photo of the Japanese giant, which in this case want an imminent launch of the new Sony Alpha A35, which A33 the heir to the...