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Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Most Durable ?

Samasung Galaxy S III battery

Samsung Galaxy S III Battery is the most durable battery compared with other same class smartphone A study says that the Samsung Galaxy S III battery is able to live longer than other smartphones in its class. The results...

Discovered, How to Save Cellphone and Laptop Battery

cellphone and laptop battery

Cellphone and Laptop Battery can work longer by making changes in WiFi technology. A student of Duke University, North Carolina, USA under the guidance of assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering managed to find a system that is able...

Save Our Cell Phone Battery Using Advanced Battery Saver Application

Advanced Battery Saver

Advanced Battery Saver Will Give You Additional Uptime for Your Symbian OS Mobile Phone. Cell Phone seems important to us as our communication need, either for communicate with families relation, business partner, friends and others. But, how do you feel when you’re on...

Mobile Phone Battery Care Tips

mobile phone battery care

Mobile phone battery care is that you can do to extend your mobile phone battery life If you have not good experience or ill fill when cell phone battery frequently drop wheras the cell phone was full charge. Do...

10 Tips Notebook Battery Care

notebook battery care

Notebook Battery Care is something that you need to prolong your battery life. Here from this article i want to show you about 10 tips notebook battery care. Notebook Battery are generally made from Li-Ion battery which has a...

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