ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector, a High Resolution Projector

ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector, good projector for business and education purpose

ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector

ViewSonic recently introduced ViewSonci PJD6243 projector with high resolution. The projector is present to provide high-resolution projection on classrooms presentations.

Taiwanese vendors latest device offers 3200 lumens brightness levels with XGA resolution of 1024 X 768 and a contrast ratio of 3,000:1 ratio, ideal for classroom-sized and large.

Additionally, ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector is equipped with technology to provide projections BiriliantColor so good digital clarity like real living color in front of our eyes.

To operate the projector, the user simply takes a good 3 seconds when you want turned on or off. It allows users to turn off directly and protect the lamp from sudden power outages.

Users can also turn off the device by pulling the cable from the ‘plugs’ electricity directly without the need to wait for the projector is turned off.

ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector also features Crestron RoomView network management software that enables centralized control of up to more than 250 projectors.

Crestron RoomView ® provides a warning to the performance of the system directly update the power, the lamp service life and performance of the unit thus simplifying maintenance efforts.

With this feature users can also automate the scheduling device, such as power on / off and send emergency messages via closed captioning.

With this intelligent network management, users can save time and money and minimize maintenance.

As a result, ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector  claimed to be a very efficient tool for business and education

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