Acer C20 Mini Pico Projector

Acer C20 Mini Pico ProjectorAcer C20 Mini Pico Projector – The mini projector Acer convinces size, image quality and expanded functionality, tracing the route for the future of the industry, allowed to enclose a projector DLP in an object that fits easily in your pocket. Acer C20 is currently the RGB LED pico projector smallest on the market: 118×60, 8×18, 6 mm in just 166 grams. Yet, in so little space, houses a wide range of connections: the sides are placed a micro USB port, a mini HDMIThe A/V input, audio output, a card reader microSD and also a door Universal I/O.

In addition to control the focus, a speaker of 0.5 watts, the infrared sensor for the remote control (optional), the connector for the charger and of course the lens. On the back were intelligently placed buttons for controls main, together with the well-designed menu make use of Acer C20 very intuitive. On the underside, however, leads to Battery Lithium-Ion 1410 mAh, which guarantees One to two hours of battery life depending on whether you use the Acer C20 at full power or EcoMode.

In addition to the pocket-sized, Acer C20 surprising for other factors, primarily performance. The LED lamp has a brightness of 20 ANSI Lumens surprising for a pico projector and more than enough to see fairly well in average room lighting. Another very interesting aspect of Acer C20 is its versatility. Indeed, Acer C20 Mini Pico Projector may be related not only to TV, cameras, camcorders and mobile phones but the internal software allows him to recognize and play independently the main types of video, audio and image present in a external hard drive or a USB pen than those stored on the card microSD.

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