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ZTE Q7 claimed as iPhone 6 mobile phone clones

By Gadgetenthusiast | December 6, 2014 | News

ZTE Q7 Claimed as iPhone 6 mobile phone clones

The emergence of Apple iPhone 6 become a new round of the rise of Chinese mobile phones which are adopted the Apple flagship design. Not only a small smartphone vendors, some reputable vendors were reportedly has been involved  to create iPhone 6 smartphone look-a-like. After Lenovo Sisley, now the...

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YotaPhone 2, Android Smartphone with Dual Unique Screen

By Gadgetenthusiast | December 4, 2014 | News

YotaPhone 2 dual screen android smartphone

Russian smartphone manufacturers come back again to present the latest generation of smartphone devices called as YotaPhone 2. The device is planned to be introduced formally in two different places namely in London and Moscow. The latest generation YotaPhone comes with the support of the specifications and features that...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two versions ?

By Gadgetenthusiast | December 3, 2014 | News

Samsung Galaxy S6 two versions

A lot of information about the Galaxy S6 that may be issued in 2015. Some said that Samsung will design next Galaxy S smartphone with the code name of Project Zero. Another rumor reported that the premium class smartphone will use curved screen like the Galaxy Note Edge style,...

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Asus ZenWatch Ready to Release This Year

By Gadgetenthusiast | December 2, 2014 | News

Asus ZenWatch

Observing the growing demand of the wearable device for emerging markets, Asus announced that they promised to bring ZenWatch to India at the beginning of next year, at a price below Rs. 20,000 or approximately $ 360 USD. Quoted from hindustantimes, Asus ZenWatch, which is the first wearable device...

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Huawei Glory 6 Plus High End Phablet will be Launched Soon

By Gadgetenthusiast | December 1, 2014 | News

Huawei Glory 6 Plus High End Phablet

End of the year seems not an obstacle for Huawei to introduce a new product. Had been Rumored the existence of Huawei Glory 6 Plus, a high-end class smartphone phablet sized that will be launched December 16, 2014. Reportedly, Huawei Glory 6 Plus will sell with price around $...

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LG G Flex 2 will be Announced at CES 2015

By Gadgetenthusiast | November 30, 2014 | News

LG G Flex 2 will be Announced at CES 2015

LG G Flex 2 – On last May 2014, has been circulated the news that LG will release a second sequel to the G Flex and at the time was rumored to be introduced by the end of this year. But the latest news says that the newest curved...

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Gigabyte Gsmart Akta A4, 5 inch Octa core Android

By Gadgetenthusiast | November 29, 2014 | News

Gigabyte Gsmart Akta A4 5 inch Octa core Android

After a long time does not release new smartphone, now one of the PC component manufacturer from Taiwan, Gigabyte launched their latest Android smartphone, called as Gigabyte GSmart Akta A4. Smartphone that was released in India is equipped with specs such as a 5-inch IPS display, 960 x 540...

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Linshof i8, Futuristic Smartphone from Germany

By Gadgetenthusiast | November 28, 2014 | News

Linshof i8, Futuristic Smartphone from Germany

Manufacturer of the new mobile devices, Linshof has announced their newest smartphone devices called as Linshof i8. Unlike existing devices that was circulated on the market, Linshof i8 is equipped with a unique design and qualified specifications. Using aluminum material, which is designed with a slim body, Linshof i8...

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