Windows 8 Tablet Will Be Revealed

Windows 8 Tablet will be announced on the event held in Los Angles

Windows 8 Tablet

When the Android tablet and iPad has long been present and flooding the market, until now we are still awaiting an official tablet based Windows when  it introduced to the public.

Well, for you, Windows OS fans who have waiting so long for a tablet with the operating system made by Microsoft, soon seem to be little excited.

The reason, according to the latest information as reported by AllThingsD, it was reported that Microsoft has sent an invitation to the media for a “major announcement” that will be held in Los Angeles, on Monday 18/06  later. Where at the event, according to the report will be focus around to the Windows RT tablet based.

According to anonymous sources close to this matter, mentioned beside ARM-based Windows 8 tablet, in that event Microsoft is also expected to reveal a variety of things such as the various programs and services that will run on this product. So, we’ll wait the windows 8 tablet.

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