What is the iPhone 5S Advantages Compared to iPhone 5 ?

By Gadgetenthusiast | August 4, 2013 | News

The advantages of iPhone 5S will come with some increase specifications including graphics cards, memory, and camera

iPhone 5S Advantages Compared to iPhone 5

In the near future Apple planned will release the next generation of the iPhone 5, called as iPhone 5S. Although until now Apple has not opened up related to the iPhone 5S, but the latest rumor mentioned that this device has the advantages from the camera that will be equipped and the graphics card that will be buried.

A China site, Expreview has published some information about the iPhone 5S. The sources said that the successor to the iPhone 5 will come with some increase in the number of specifications including graphics cards, memory, and camera.

Quoted from the DigitalSpy site, iPhone 5S will use IGZO display 4-inch type that capable for providing an image resolution of 1136 x 640. While other specifications such as processor, the iPhone 5S is still using the same type of processor like the iPhone 5, A6, but with a higher clock speed. Then this smartphone is also reinforced with a quad-core graphics card.

For the memory that will be equipped, the device will use 1-2 GB RAM. Not only that, Apple will make improvements to the camera sensor. If the iPhone 5 has 8 MP rear camera, then the new generation will be embedded 12 MP rear camera which is equipped with dual LED.

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