Want to Know How to Make iPad, This is The Video

How to Make iPad video has been filmed by Rob Schmitz

How to Make iPad

iPad and the conditions when the device is manufactured by Apple manufacturer partner has always been a topic of conversation that often appears in the leading technology blog.

Last March 2012, an institute called the Fair Labor Association, as reported by BGR sources, has found serious violations of labor laws in China when its organizations did an  inspection to Apple manufacturing partners, Foxconn. The largest violation occurs in  Foxconn, mainly related to safety and illegal overtime.

Human rights organizations that are regularly took over the Apple role  for performing this task because Apple is considered not do more to ensure workers in the manufacturer partners have been treated well.

So, how does the actual conditions when the device like iPad class is being manufactured at its plant. Well, recently Sanghai Marketplace bureau chief, Rob Schmitz get a rare opportunity in Shenzhen Foxconn factory. Rob Schmitz and its crew were allowed to film the number of active stations on the iPad assembly line that had never seen before.

For those of you who are curious to know how the process of making the iPad just check this following video about how to Make iPad.

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