This is iPhone 5 Specifications ?

iPhone 5 Specifications

iPhone 5 specifications

The fifth-generation iPhone from Apple, let’s call it “iPhone 5” – rumored to be using 4-inch wide screen display, while the casing will made ​​from sturdy metal liquid. But what are the hardware that will be embedded in it?

The latest circulating news from the internet these days reveals only a little information about iPhone 5 specifications.

9to5mac technology site that tries IOS version 6 Beta operating system did find that the fifth-generation iPhone uses an ARM processor S5L8950X different from the processor in the iPhone 4 and New iPad. The number of core (core) is not known, but estimated as many as 2 pieces from the power saving core type.

Graphics processors (GPU) that used by iPhone 5 will be a new type, it is Power VR “SGX543RC “. According to 9to5mac, the current technical data about the graphics processing unit is still not available.

About memory, the fifth-generation iPhone will allegedly have 1 GB of RAM. The amount is equal that is found in New iPad and two times bigger than the iPhone 4S with 512 MB RAM.

Data connectivity for five-generation iPhone is supported by the 4G LTE ability. For the moment, chips that known is made ​​by Qualcomm, it also used by New iPad 4G versions.

Google Maps application that has been packaged with the IOS device is no longer used in iOS6. Instead, Apple is wearing a homemade map software that comes with a 3-D graphics functionality.

That’s all abaout iPhone 5 Specifications collected from news on the internet.

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