Temple Run has been downloaded 100 Million Times

Temple Run is an addictive game that has been downloaded 100 Million Times more

Temple Run
Have you ever played Temple Run? If you an iOS users, then should been played it. Tample Run is an action game developed by Imangi Studios. And today Imangi Studios announced that the Temple Run has been downloaded for 100 million times since its launch on August 4th last year.

This game was launched for the first time for iOS operating system, so now it has been become one of the free game in AppWorld. And finally this game made for Android this year with the downloads number that reach more than 1 million times in three days only. And today, developers showing an Infographic to celebrate how far this game after almost a year.

This Infographic is also revealed that 13 percent were from the U.S. population. In addition, from 100 million downloads, developers say that 68 million were from the IOS and more than 30 million came from Android. And, Temple Run download via Amazon counted more than 2 million.

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