Sony Xperia S, P and J Will Receive Jelly Bean Android Update ?

Sony Xperia S P and J Jelly Bean Update

For the Sony Xperia S, P and J smartphone owners, June 2013 is lucky month because entering the month of June tomorrow, there will be updates to the operating system that running on three types of Sony’s Xperia family smartphones will become Jelly Bean Android version.

This certainty blown by Portuguese language Blogsonyxperia, who said at once around the middle of next month, for several Xperia older types, namely the Sony Xperia S (v.2.3), Xperia P (v.2.3) and Xperia J (v.4.0.4) three will receive Jelly bean Android update and the version is 4.1.2.

Not only that, leading online technology news media in the world also seems voiced similar news reports at the end of May 2013, around the mobile devices theme.

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