Samsung Smartphone with Flexible Display Will Roll on 2013

Flexible Display ‘which can bend’ that made by Samsung will come next year

Samsung Flexible Display

The news about Samsung that has plans to make a Smartphone with flexible display indeed has been crisscrossing in cyberspace.

Then, when the South Korean vendors could realize their plans to bring its Flexible Display Smartphones to the market ?

An information reported by the BBC News recently, opened up when the Smartphone with flexible display made by Samsung will be marketed.

In a BBC News report, mentioned that the next year it seems we will see the first presence of cell phones ‘which can bend’. Samsung indicated will be the first manufacturer who will deliver its flexible OLED screen Smartphone.

Besides Samsung, several manufacturers, such as LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony, and Nokia is also reportedly still working on their cell phone with the same technology.

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