Samsung Mandel Leaks, a Windows Mobile Phone

Samsung Mandel, could it be next galaxy family ?

Samsung Mandel

Late of the last year, news about Samsung Mandel had appears. At that time, Samsung togather with HTC plans to launch a pair Windows Phone that supports LTE. And most likely will be released in late Q2 2012.

Does Mandel will  eventually be released at a specified time range, indeed it is still unclear. However, now some images from the its smartphone has burst in cyberspace too, which indicates if its device was getting close that we can see later.

Wrapped in a pearly white color with a smooth surface (glossy pearl white) reminds us for the announcement of the Galaxy S III a few days ago. Could it be a variant of the  Windows Phone new Galaxy flagship sometime in the future?

Samsung windows phone 7

The second image, posted in  Windows Phone 7 forum in China, shows a model number i667. Frightening, images similar to the Samsung i667 Flash Focus. Could Samsung Mandel will be the next member of  Samsung Focus family? The answer is not known. For that, we wait for the development of the next information about Samsung Mandel in the future

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