Samsung GT-I9505 Speculated as Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S IV model number is GT-I9505 according to the speculation from the sources at the SamMobile site

Galaxy S IV

Two number model suspected belonged to the next Samsung devices was sticking out through a first version of the firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

Both the leaked model numbers and distributed by the sources at Sammobile that are Samsung GT-I9505 and GT-Q1000.

For the first-mentioned model numbers, the GT-I9505 is not only this time has been sticking out to the surface. Besides rumored to be a model number for the Galaxy S IV, GT-I9505 was also rumored to be paired for Samsung’s flagship Smartphone that is based on Tizen operating system. Now, according to speculation from the sources at the SamMobile site, confirmed that the GT-I9505 is an Android device can be certain as a Galaxy S IV.

If the GT-I9505 could already be speculated, then what is the figure of a device with the GT-Q1000 model number actually, it seems still difficult to predict, because the Q series which have not been used previously for Samsung devices. Just expected hopefully all of the mystery behind both number model of Samsung devices that sticking out can be revealed.

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