Samsung Galaxy S IV Photo Shown in Official Samsung Mobile USA Facebook Page

The Galaxys S IV photo that appears on Samsung Mobile USA Facebook Page seen dark and mysteriously

Samsung Galaxy S IV Photo

Despite there is only two days away the next generation Samsung Galaxy S called as the Galaxy S IV official announcement in New York, it seems Samsung itself could not wait to hide and decided to give a little leak on a photo posted on their official Facebook page of Samsung Mobile USA.

Still not yet much can be known from this photo. Since almost all of the pictures that appear is dark and mysterious and shows only one corner of the cell phone. From the corner of the photo you will see that the cell phone looks very similar to the Galaxy S III, as we have seen from some drawings on the news before.

The conclusion that we can take from this picture is that the Galaxy S IV does look identical to the Galaxy S III. Unless Samsung was playing with giving false information, so it thinks that their new flagship Smartphone looks like an old Smartphone, while they have something completely new to show at that event.

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