Samsung Galaxy S IV New Reliable Features

Samsung Galaxy S IV New Reliable Features such as S Translator, Smart Pause, and Health and Wellness

Samsung Galaxy S IV New Reliable Features

As the new flagship Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S IV saves a lot of new features to increase selling value. Therefore there are several features that Samsung include on it such as S Translator, Smart Pause, and Health and Wellness.

Here are the Galaxy S IV New Reliable Features :

    • S Translator, this is a translate application for 9 major languages in the world languages ​​such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Latin America), Spanish (Latin America), Japan and the UK and will add more in the future. It supports text to speech and speech to text where when you are in a country, you just type in the English language in it, and the Galaxy S IV will translate into the desired language, then when a stranger approaches you can record it into the Galaxy S IV Smartphone that will translate into the desired language. S Translator also can be used both by email and Chaton.
    • Smart Pause and Smart Scroll, this is a feature that capable of detecting the user’s eyes. These features are capable of stopping temporarily (pause) video that watched, if a user is looking or look the other way. While Smart Scroll may allow users to determine where the screen will be scrolled using only the eyes. For example, when a user is reading an article and their eyes are at the end, this advance application will automatically scroll down the screen automatically to display the following paragraphs.
    • S Health, which is a part of the TouchWiz development on the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The S Health Application has a function to measure steps, calories, monitor weight, blood pressure, and heart rate, and even the state of your surroundings such as temperature, humidity, and more. This feature will require any other accessories such as S Band and Heart Rate Monitor.

Beside  several New Reliable Features, the Samsung Galaxy S IV also has been added new features to support  its camera like Sound And Shot, Shot Drama, and Cinema Photo

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