Samsung Galaxy S III Will Get Multi-View Feature

Samsung Galaxy S III will be more stable with the Jelly Bean Update featuring Multi View Windows

Samsung Galaxy S III Multi view

The new “Multi-View” feature provided by Samsung for the Galaxy Note II recorded has been got a pretty good response from potential customers.  Multi-view Support basically will increase the maximum productivity usage for its users, which is able to display the page and view with the different windows in a single screen.

According to the rumors at this time, it looks like Samsung does not want to limit the new feature is only for the Galaxy Note version only. As a result there are indications that multi-view support was going to land on Samsung Galaxy S III, which is reportedly still in the process. And, might be this is indicate that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software update in December 2012 will become a reality.

Of course, with the newer firmware update will be make Samsung Galaxy S III is more stable than the current state, in order to the multi-view feature presence. Just, hopefully with a smaller screen (compared to the Galaxy Note), there would be significant obstacles in multi-view action. Because, logically more bigger screens can make comfortable to carry out multi-view windows display. For that, it will be better if we wait for the official information from the Samsung for the mult-view feature on Samsung Galaxy S III.

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