Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Use Flexible Screen ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is believed to be the first mobile phone equipped with a flexible screen with OLED flexible technology

Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 3 illustration

The flagship device rumor show is always interesting to observe. Especially if you are talking about what the successor of the devices that are already successful in the market, such as the Galaxy Note.

As reported by Techradar, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet is believed to be the first mobile phone equipped with a flexible screen. Quoted from industry sources statement, it mentions that the Samsung will use the technology called as OLED flexible that was displayed on the CES 2013 event for the Galacy Note 3 later this year.

Unfortunately, an anonymous source still gave no further information related to these devices. If you see, some rumors related to the Galaxy Note 3 touted will have a 5.9 inch screen, and even several others who claim that the new note phablet will be embedded by 6.3 inches screen measuring.

Flexible Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 expected to be launched in the IFA 2013 event, or before that, which means we will be able to see this device in late August or early September 2013.

The South Korean Smartphone manufacturer vendor until now has not made ​​any comment related to the Galaxy Note 3 that ‘it’ will come with a flexible screen rumors. So, how the progress we wait for next circulating Informations.

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