Samsung Galaxy J1 4G, good specs smartphone with 4G network

Samsung known have been launched the Galaxy J1 series several time ago. And now reportedly, Samsung released the same variant, but now completed with a higher specification, and supported by better connection technologies and fast.

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G specs

It is Samsung Galaxy J1 4G, where for the first time will come to the Indian mobile market. This smartphone has the appearance and design which is not much different from its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G comes with some changes from the hardware side. Galaxy J1 4G is now equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 768 MB of RAM memory. But still not much changed such as the internal memory, display panel, and camera support which is embedded on the rear body.

From the circulated rumors, The Samsung Galaxy J1 models soon will decorate the global market. But for the variant of Galaxy J1 4G still not known, whether will also come to the global market or not.

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