Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S III will use 4.6 inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy S III rumored will be carry a 4.6-inch display screen with HD Super AMOLED Plus

samsung galaxy s iii

Rumors and news about the latest Samsung candidates, Samsung Galaxy S III seems to have loosened up to this date. Based on the latest information, which quotes from Digitimes, reported that the Galaxy S III will carry a 4.6-inch display screen with HD Super AMOLED Plus type, and has 1280×720 pixels (319ppi) resolution.

The most important thing here is the word “Plus”, which indicates that the matrix display used by Samsung Galaxy S III is regular RGB matrix. Not the PenTile model as Samsung used on its AMOLED screen high resolution. For information, the type of PenTile view display isn’t looks maximal, less dense.

That way, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be the first to wear Super AMOLED screen HD with the original RGB matrix. Indeed, this rumor certainly had never heard before. However, this news comes from one Galaxy S III production supplier to trust the credibility of the truth. And, of course, this is the affirmation of the news that we will see the best mobile AMOLED screen ever made. Samsung Galaxy S III alone is predicted to begin circulating in the market on a month June / July.

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