Rumor: Google Will Launch 12.85-inch Touch Screen Chromebook ?

12.85-inch Touch Screen Chromebook planned to be launched at the end of this year

12.85-inch Touch Screen Chromebook
12.85-inch Touch Screen Chromebook illustration

Until now Google has been released at least Smartphones and tablets with their own brand that they’re made, and it seems that the Internet giant is ready to use the same strategy for the Chromebook.

According to an anonymous source as reported by China tmes, it says that Google has plans to launch 12.85-inch Chromebook with touch screen capabilities by the end of this year.

Unlike the Nexus Smartphone and Nexus 7 tablets, to gush Chromebook, Google partnered with major vendors as it does to gush its Smartphones and tablets that have been launched.

Google in that report mentioned directly appoint Compal Electronics based in Taiwan as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Wintek as a touch panel supplier for google’s 12.85-inch Touch Screen Chromebook.

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