Revealed, iPhone and iPad Assembled In “Hand Made”

iPhone and iPad production mostly using worker hands

iphone and ipad assembled 

Nightline” special episode of the Apple production line at the ABC, presenting a show that surprised many viewers.

The episode from that shows is a very surprising fact, it turns out that mobile phone and tablet made by Apple, the iPhone and iPad is not completely made by the machine assembled.

iPhone and iPad could be called a product that is assembled by hand or “home-made”, although not 100%. Because, there are 141 steps that most of the production line workers directly involved hand. While the iPad, requiring 325 production steps also involve the workers hands.

Inside the Foxconn’s factory, there are not many visible robot or automatic machine that helps the process of making these two Apple flagship product.

The Apple allow ABC reporter Bill Weir, to enter into the Foxconn factory in China that manufacture Apple products. From the visit, Weir made a 30-minute show.

The day before the show aired, Weir told ABC will show you how to iPad, iPhone, and MacBook are made. Weir will meet Chinese workers who make it.

“We will show how workers come by bus, sometimes take days to get to Foxconn. It is sad when they have to clean the screen or soldering the chip for 10 hours a day with a low rate fee,” said Weir.

Motivation ABC did a special reporting on the Foxconn Factory, triggered by the news of condition Foxconn workers that are exploited, because of poor health, safety conditions and long working hours.

Previously, there was also news about Foxconn workers who committed suicide and two blasts in 2011 that killed four people and wounding more than 75 other workers.

Responding to the news, Apple announced to conduct inspections and audits at the Foxconn factory facilities. Inspections will be conducted by an independent organization called the Fair Labor Association (FLA), and has started in mid-February 2012.

A Foxconn executive said it would welcome Apple to raise the wage demands of workers.

For worker meals, despite having worked hard and paid only 1.78 U.S. dollars per hour, Foxconn workers must pay their own food, about 0.7 U.S. dollars for a meal, and pay 17.50 U.S. dollars a month to share a dorm room with five to seven other workers.

Foxconn itself, is currently the tech manufacturing factory that supply the technology companies such as HP, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Dell.

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