PureView Technology Will Come to Lumia

PureView Technology isn’t 41 MP camera sensor, but its oversampling technology

Pureview technology

Although not a first time spoken from Nokia official, but the plan to make PureView technology into Lumia Windows Phone mobile phone line creation is still interesting to follow its development.

Nokia plans that will be pinned PureView technology to the Lumia has previously been said by a Senior Vice President of Nokia, Joe Harlow. Well, recently re-uttered a similar statement by a president of Nokia in the United States and head of marketing for the United States, Chris Webber.

As quoted from GSMArena, Webber stated PureView is part of the plan and Nokia working together very closely with Microsoft to ensure that the technology works exactly same.

Although 41 MP camera sensor  is one thing that is now being talked. But Webber again showed PureView not about the 41 MP, but its oversampling technology.

It also indicates that in the future there is  a PureView camera with lower resolution standard, and certainly does not diminish the greatness of PureView technology itself

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