Panasonic Taughpad, a Rugged Tablet

Panasonic Taughpad

Panasonic Taughpad, the waterproof tablets, knocked, heat, and sand

Panasonic finally go into tablet computers business. Famous from its Toughbook laptop products, Panasonic will release a similar tablet products. Tablets that resistant to various ‘disaster’.

There are two tablets, which was launched Panasonic, namely Panasonic Taughpad A1 and B1. The only difference between the two is the size of the screen. A1 gets 10-inch screen while the B1 seven inches. The rest, Specifications of the two tablets are same.

Panasonic Taughpad is using 1.2 GHz Marvel dual core processor. With 16GB hard disk capacity. And MicroSD slot is also provided. 1.023×768 pixel screen resolution with a 4:3 ratio format. For a connectivity, these tablets step further than any other tablet with WiMAX grafting.

While the batteries are claimed has 10 hours. Interestingly, unlike other tablets, Panasonic claims battery can be replaced. In totaly, this tablet weight reached 2.13 pounds.

Well, the benefits of Panasonic Taughpad is on its physical. If you already have a tablet before, certainly it’s troublesome to care the physical of tablet in order not to scratch. Buying a hardcase as well as holster. With Panasonic Taughpad, it did not need. The tablet is waterproof, impact resistant, scratch resistant, and all kinds of others resistant.

In its advertising, Panasonic Taughpad is still alive normaly after continuously flushing by water sprayer and sprayed sand. Likewise when the screen is a knock  hundreds of times. There are also experiments that lit the embers near the screen, nothing melted. Of course these tablets kept from collision because of its four sides covered with a thick rubber type.

With the Android Honeycomb version, The Price for Panasonic Taughpad tablet is worth 1,299 U.S. dollars for the A1. While there is no pricing information for Panasonic Taughpad B1.

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