Nokia Will Release Windows 8 Tablets In June 2012

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet will come

Nokia windows 8 tablet

Concerning Nokia’s interest to create a tablet-based Windows 8 was blow early last November.

Based on current information, vendor known for its slogan ‘conecting People’  it was reportedly ready to launch a Nokia windows 8 tablet in June 2012.

Nokia plans to release a Nokia windows 8 tablet device creation came from an executive, Paul Amsellem, when talking with a newspaper in France, Le Echoes.

“In June 2012, we will have a tablet that will run on Windows 8,” said Paul Amsellem as quoted from TechRadar.

As known, beside its developed for the PC, Windows 8 will also optimized for tablet devices like Nokia windows 8 tablet.

That’s what makes Windows 8 welcome by the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop.

“We do not comment on specific plans for the tablet. But I would suggest that one of the things we are excited about the support for Windows Phone is the announcement about Windows 8 for devices and tablet PCs. When you see the user experience of Nokia’s environmental Lumia appeared on hundreds of millions and tablet PCs in the future, you can see that there is a clear synergy between all environments. that’s an exciting opportunity for Nokia. “Elop said as reported by the Financial Times some time ago.

We’ll see the release of Nokia windows 8 tablet.

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