Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Outperform iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III

Nokia Lumia 920

It turns out Lumia 920 camera quality acclaimed quite exceptional for capturing images in low light conditions. As when the test is done via video promo ad by Verizon Wireless, such as presented through the Neowin.

This is the video :

It appears there are three cameras simultaneously juxtaposed lined, Lumia 920 in the middle, sandwiched either side by the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. All smartphone take pictures of the same scene, in evening condition there was a bunch of women skates player posing in outdoors act and catch a pig-headed man.

Looks like resulting image by the Nokia Lumia 920 camera are brighter than the image captured through two other smartphone camera, iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII which happens to be used as a comparison, which is the best among the three. How does if Lumia 920 camera compete with HTC One and Galaxy S IV ?

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