Nokia Interested to Make Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 Tablet by Nokia

After the post-announcement of the presence of Nokia Windows Phone that’s fairly draw the attention, inviting speculation, someday the Finnish vendor will also refine the tablet computer. It’s probably windows 8 tablet.

windows 8 tablet

In response to that, Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, said that although his side objected to the plan related to a particular tablet.

However, it was pleased with the announcement of the Windows operating system 8 which in addition is intended for the PC, it will also be optimized for tablet devices, so it’s likely windows 8 tablet.

“We do not comment on specific plans for the tablet. But I would suggest that one of the things we are excited about the support for Windows Phone is the announcement about Windows 8 for tablet devices and PCs. When you see the user experience of Nokia’s environmental Lumia appeared on hundreds of millions and tablet PCs in the future, you can see that there is a clear synergy between all environments. that’s an exciting opportunity for Nokia. “Elop said as quoted from the Financial Times.

As is known, the operating system of Windows Phone 7, is not optimized for tablet devices. And windows 8 operating system can be optimized for windows 8 tablet.

As a result, if someday Nokia has plans to make a tablet PC, it will be use Windows 8 services for the nokia windows 8 tablet, which has a friendly interface for the tablet as well as Metro UI on Windows Phone 7.

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