Nokia EOS Will Be Released In July 2013

The release of Nokia EOS scheduled in July 2013

Nokia EOS release date

The certainty date about when the announcement of Nokia EOS, a “hybrid” smartphone that resembles the figure of digital camera began to unfold slightly clear. Beside several photos leaked to the media, the Nokia has also started sending out invitations to a press for an event in New York on July 11, as revealed by WPCentral yesterday.

Clarified by Nokia communications division boss, Dough Dawson on his twitter account @ DougatNokia, he twits, “Zoom on July 11! .. @ DougatNokia what flirting! One thing that would make me want to replace my 920 into WP EOS device. ”

The release date of Nokia EOS

EOS is a Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone that seems to show Nokia PureView camera technology such as the Nokia 808 PureView, estimated will use 41 MP camera. Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership for the presence of Windows Phone 8 on a new flagship device is fairly increase the rise of Nokia’s brand popularity in the global market

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