Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Appears on This Video HD’s

Nexus 5 that was shown on the video is just showing a Nexus 5 prototype

Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Appears

One of the most awaited smartphone form, the Nexus 5, circulated again to the public through a very good quality video show with 7 minutes duration.

Video uploaded to Youtube by looks just showing a Nexus 5 prototype, remembering does not seem to have the Nexus logo on the back. Even so, the video is one of the most obvious about the Nexus 5 figure.

In the video that looks like it was taken on October 9, 2013, the Nexus 5 seems still use the Key Lime Pie Android name, not the latter KitKat Andorid that was introduced by Google as a name for the new Android version.

That probably makes some elements such as transparent notification bar on the launcher, camera shortcut on the lockscreen, latest menu dialer, drawer app, Search app icon, Google Photos, and other elements still not visible. The change seems to be happening when the Nexus 5 smartphone will be released later.

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