NexPhone, Mobile Phone That Can ‘Transformed’ to be Laptop, Tablet, and PC

NexPhone, when transformed to be Laptop or PC will automatically running ubuntu for androd


A device concept that can applicable for the ‘one for all’ recently introduced by NexCrea.

Not like the synchronization idea on multiple devices via the ‘cloud technology’, a new concept of NexCrea was actually centered on a device called a NexPhone.

Simply by connecting the NexPhone to the tablet dock (NexTablet) then it will change the smartphone into a tablet. Then when connected to a laptop dock (NexLaptop) devices can be turned into a laptop that presents a real computing experience using Ubuntu for Android software. Likewise if the NexPhone associated with NexMonitor that will automatically convert it to the PC and will running Ubuntu for Android.

Specifications Detail that are embedded in the NexPhone body has not been disclosed by the party that carries the idea.

Ubuntu is a software which is free and open source. Ini its use the operating system that is also claimed to be easy to use like Windows or Mac. Ubuntu has also been used by millions of computer users, this operating system is also support for hundreds of applications including office applications, photography, video, and music.

To realize this new idea, the NexCrea take the CrowdFunding path, which is a way to seek financial support from the public for a project which is usually a creative idea. Well, if the funding has been met, NexPhone is said to be available for consumers in 2013.

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