Motorola X Phone will be Available in November 2013 ?

Motorola X Phone will come with sapphire glass material for its 4.8-inch screen and profitrubber for the casing

Motorola X Phone

Latest rumor about a Smartphone made ​​by Motorola known as Motorola X Project is more intensively talk, rumor says this Smartphone will be available in November 2013.

Reports from PhoneArena says, “Motorola X Phone will be released later on this year, possibly in November 2013. This Smartphone will use powerful 2 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 4.8-inch screen display that made from saphir glass, each end of the handset to be coated with rubber bumpers, and the casing made from fibercarbon, and will also be equipped with 4000 mAh battery capacity. ”

If true Motorola X phone using sapphire glass material for the screen and profitrubber for the casing, this X phone surely will became tough and resilient Smartphone. Courius with its ? We see the next information.

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