Motorola Droid MAXX Appears

Droid MAXX smartphone appears with a capacitive button and has XT1080M model number

Motorola Droid MAXX Appears
Motorola Droid MAXX Appears, picture from @evleaks

A picture which is claimed as the Motorola Droid MAXX, leaked again by owner of the @Evleaks Twitter account.

According to the circulating speculation as reported by Engadget, the Droid MAXX smartphone that appears is equipped with a capacitive button and has XT1080M model number that was remembered as another version of the Droid Ultra (XT1080) with a more powerful battery.

These days there are many uncovered smartphone made by Motorola that has not been officially announced, such as XT1080 which have been appeared in the FCC database. There was also XT1030 which alleged as the Mini Droid and another one is XT1060 Moto X which also frequently appears on the Internet.

Just pretty unfortunate, the leaked images of suspected Droid Maxx smartphone was not followed by the disclosure of other information related to the specifications. Nevertheless, it expected soon in short time the Droid Maxx specs which is currently still a mystery will be open to the public. To that end, We wait for that.

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