Microsoft Will Release Surface RT 2 Tablet with 8.6 inch screen ?

Surface RT 2 Tablet will come with a smaller screen and Qualcomm chipset

Surface RT 2 tablet
Surface RT 2 tablet illustration

First Microsoft Surface RT tablet approximately has been released officially is about a month ago. But it’s been circulating rumors, report that the second generation of Surface RT tablet will come with a smaller screen, no longer 10.6-inch models. And, this tablet will be called as the Surface RT 2 tablet.

This information comes from MS_nerd, says that the Surface RT 2 tablet will supposedly come out with a 8.6-inch screen display. Beside that, in order to maximize the performance of the device, Microsoft is also reportedly going to replace the NVIDIA Tegra chip which is used on the first Surface RT tablet with Qualcomm chipset.

Unfortunately, until now informations and specifications that will be crammed to the new generation of Microsoft Surface has not yet identified all. However, circulating rumors mentioned that Surface RT 2 soon will be released by Microsoft. So We wait and see.

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