Lumia 900 AMOLED screen Defeat Galaxy S and iPhone 4

Lumia 900 AMOLED screen is the winner visibility tests conducted by DisplayMate

lumia 900 Amoled Screen

AMOLED screen, though it beautiful to look, it has performance issues when viewed under the bright sun. In fact, the first phone that uses an AMOLED display can hardly used at outdoors.

However, as the development of technology it was eventually corrected, especially when Samsung introduced the Super AMOLED screen that have a significantly better visibility at the outdoors, and today’s AMOLED screen quality exceeded the LCD even when it under the bright sun.

Besides Samsung, in fact many smartphone vendors are also adopting AMOLED screen technology on the smartphone, Like Nokia for example.

Interestingly, although both mobile phone company are using the same screen technology, it does not mean the ability of the screen is same.

Based on the visibility tests results conducted by DisplayMate, indicated that the Lumia 900 AMOLED screen proved to have excellent performance under enough light, thanks to technology pinned Clear Black Display.

When compared to the Galaxy S and iPhone 4, the Lumia 900 AMOLED screen had the best value of 90 points, beating the Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen that gets the second position with 80 points, and the iPhone 4 LCD sitting in third place with 77 points.

DisplayMate also have older phones, like Motorola DROID X and Desire. You can see they have bad score, each of that 20 and 15 points. You can observe, in the last two years, how many – more advanced AMOLED technology has been present.

For some reason why DisplayMate chose to compare Lumia 900 with two smartphones that were 2 years older, like the Galaxy S and iPhone 4. Though there are some new mobile phones that reasonable when compared with Lumia 900 , such as HTC One X and Galaxy S III that use AMOLED screen to compete with Lumia 900 AMOLED screen.

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