LG XNote Z330, Ultrabook Similar to MacBook Air?

LG XNote Z330, a notebook with high end specifications

LG XNote Z330

LG XNote Z330 has recently launched a series Ultrabook device which is the result of his cooperation with Intel.

As quoted from BGR, it said that LG XNote Z330 to be a notebook with 13.3-inch display screen format that has a similar shape to the MacBook Air with the color scheme like MacBook Pro .

For specifications, the LG XNote Z330 will be likely to use Core i5 processor 1.6 GHz or Core i7 1.7 GHz, 120 GB SSD or 256 GB, 4 GB RAM, HD graphics, Widiwireless display technology and an HDMI port.

As for power supplies LG XNote Z330 equipped with a battery, claimed to be able to support this devices more than six hours.

Interestingly again, thanks to the presence of ‘Rapid Start Technology’, allowing the process of ‘booting’ on the notebook with Windows 7 Operating System is less than 10 seconds.

LG XNote Z330 priced starting at U.S. $ 1,500, while for a more complete model it priced around $ 2,300.

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