LG Ready to Release Smartphone with Flexible Screen in Q4 2013

According to LG on the display week event, the Flexible Screen Device will be released on fourth quarter of this year

LG Smartphone with Flexible Screen

Brighten the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2013 annual trade event, LG is planning to show their innovation results from the display side.

Through a press release that was announced on Monday May 20th LG states that its party will show off flexible OLED screen and shatter resistant measuring 5 inches that they owned on the event mentioned above.

LG will show the HD display measuring 5-inch surrounded by 1 mm thin bezel, which will allow a smartphone without edge plus more lighter and will significantly reduce the heat.

LG, which is a South Korean smartphone manufacturer also stated that its party will release a smartphone with flexible OLED screens on this year, precisely in the fourth quarter later.

LG same country rivals, Samsung also known is still working on flexible display technology known as ‘Youm’. Unfortunately, until now it still not known when the flexible display made ​​by Samsung will be released to the market. Thus, LG seems to be ready to overtake his rivals in the flexible display technology arena through its new device later.

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