LG Optimus G2, Key Lime Pie Android Smartphone ?

LG Optimus G2 will come with qualified specifications, such as Key Lime Pie Android OS, and quad core processors

LG Optimus G2

The LG Optimus G that recently hit the market in some countries, it turns out has been prepared the successor candidate.

As reported by Android Guys, LG reportedly is preparing the successor of the LG Optimus G which is likely to be released in early May 2013.

LG’s flagship Smartphone candidates is mentioned will have  the nicknamed as Optimus G2 and said will come with qualified specifications. Yup, according to the report, LG Optimus G2 is favored to be orchestrated with quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon S4 processor speed of 2 GHz, LTE support, and will run the next Android operating system version that has not been announced, it is Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Not quite up there, Optimus G2 also rumored will have a screen size of 5 inches, 1080p resolution with a pixel density of 440ppi.

With a variety of trim specifications therein, LG Optimus G2 seems to be ready to compete with Samsung’s next flagship Smartphone, which also has not been announced, the Galaxy S IV who was remembered screen technology will come with a fairly similar.

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