Lenovo Ready to Sell Windows 8 Notebook, $ 200 only or under $ 300 dollars.

If what is reported by industry sources in Taiwan is true, then in several time on the future the Windows 8 notebooks from Lenovo will come with quite affordable price. Lenovo, as expressed by the anonymous source was in talks with its partners to launch Windows 8 notebooks with a price range from $ 199 dollars and under $ 300 dollars.

Lenovo Ready to Sell Windows 8 Notebook under $300 dollar


“Lenovo has stated about his collaboration with Compal Electronics to launch Windows 8 notebooks to be sold at price around 199-249 dollars at the end of the sales peak year periods,” said by anonymous source as reported by DigiTimes.

With the remaining time about four months for the development, production, and distribution to the notebooks retailers, Lenovo moved quickly to assign it to one of the top brass (COO) Gianfrancor to speak directly with Compal president, Ray Chen related to the colaboration.

Just for additional information, Lenovo recently has also been launched their affordable notebook, called as Lenovo E10 for the Indonesian market. Notebook with weighs 1.1 kg only and has dimensions of 268 x 168 x 25.4 mm, it is equipped with Intel’s Bay Trail processor which is offered with price around Rp 3,499,000 or about $ 296 dollars.

For the rest of Lenovo E10 specs such as equipped with 10.1-inch screen and loaded with other specifications such as 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB HDD storage, Intel Integrated Graphics, and running on Windows 8.1 operating system.

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