Is this Nokia Windows Phone 8 Shape

Nokia Windows Phone 8 shape image is obtained from Sina Weibo microblogging user

Nokia windows phone 8 picture from
As a Microsoft’s main partner, no doubt if Nokia currently being busy working on the next smartphone that comes with the operating system Windows Phone 8.

What kind of manifestation from Nokia Windows Phone 8 it it’s still yet officially revealed. However, some images are believed to be Windows Phone 8 phones made by Nokia has burst in cyberspace recently.

There is a source in WPDang sites that claim Nokia windows phone 8 shape image is obtained from the user that use Sina Weibo micro blogging, which the image is thought to be the Windows Phone 8 Nokia.

Unfortunately, other information related to the specifications of this smartphone still not revealed. As a result, the mysterious cell phone in the picture above, it could be a smartphone running on Windows Phone 7.8, or just a prototype of Nokia Windows Phone 8.

One interesting thing revealed by the party who leaked the picture, it is mentioned that the Nokia mysterious  mobile phone or Nokia Windows Phone 8 will be released in September of this year.

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