iPhone 5S Will Use 12 MP Camera ?

It is Vietnamese blog that made a rumor the iPhone 5S will Use 12 MP Camera, will this growing rumor will become real ?

iPhone 5S camera

The Rumors that surrounding to the next iPhone are still rolling. Latest smartphone which is often referred as the iPhone 5S is rumored to be equipped with quite a good camera.

That is a blog from Vietnam, Tinhte.vn, which claims have been getting a leak related to the next iPhone from an anonymous source who is an employee of Wonderful Saigon Electrics (WSE) a Japanese company that also produces components for Apple.

From an anonymous source had obtained the information where the next generation iPhone will have a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels that will also be accompanied by a number of new features, such as the HDR cameras and the ability to take pictures in low light conditions.

Will this growing rumor will become real later, it still remains to wait. As is known, when discussing about smartphones made by Apple, Tinhte.vn blog reputation can be fairly good. The Sources at the site even confirmed related to the iPhone 5 that will be equipped with 8 MP camera, but at that time many people were predicting that the smartphone will come with a 10 megapixel camera.

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