‘iPhone 5’ Will Be Released In September?

iPhone 5, the rumors says  “will be called the iPhone 4G or 4S”

Apple is reportedly ready to release ‘iPhone 5’ in September 2011. The news was obtained from a number of  iPhone parts suppliers in Asia, which has also prepared the iPhone 5 being the latest generation of smartphones.

iPhone 5

As quoted from The Guardian, it is not certain ‘iPhone 5’ will be named. Some sources say the new generation of iPhone will be called the iPhone 4G or 4S.

The shape is predicted same as the iPhone 4 that was released in the summer of last year. However, there is a possibility there are push buttons (non-touch) on the phone to adjust the volume.

The news also said the iPhone 5 will have a dual-core processor A5. This is the same as the processor installed in the newly released iPad2 on March. In addition, the iPhone will be equipped with 8 megapixels camera  (compared with 5 megapixels camera in the iPhone 4).

For data storage, ‘iPhone 5’ will be equipped with iCloud. Data can be synchronized between devices.

Using iOS 5 as operating system and iCloud for data storage, Apple seemed to realize a device without the cable (cutting the cable) in its products. iOS 5 operating system can be updated, without connecting cable to PC for download it from iTunes.

Richard Windsor, analyst at Nomura Securities, hopes the latest version of the iPhone has the same price as the previous iPhone, which is about U.S. $ 600.

Reference : Vivanews

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