iPhone 5 Launched on May next year?

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is said to have changes in design  and it’s cam be seen from the larger screen size.

Apple has just launched the iPhone 4S early October. But it turns out Apple is rumored to have been preparing for the iPhone 5. This latest series was called the iPhone ready to be introduced in May next year.

As quoted from The Telegraph pages from influential sources at Apple said, the biggest changes seen with a larger screen. 4 inch sized screen is ready mounted, 0.5-inch larger than the existing iPhone today.

By enlarging the size of the iPhone, Apple seemed to answer some teasing  from Android-based smartphone manufacturer, that the flagship product has a larger screen than the iPhone.

Not only the size, Apple is also rumored to make a changes for the design radically. These design changes even reportedly been prepared by the founder of Apple who has passed away, Steve Jobs.

Not only that, Japan’s technology blog, Macotakara, also claims Hitachi Displays and Sony Mobile Display Corporation has been shipping the screen to “the latest IOS device”. So far, two companies known for preparing the screen for the iPad 3, but not yet known whether they are also preparing for the iPhone 5 screen.

During this, the iPhone screen is only 3.5 inches. It is considered not big enough for surfing satisfaction. Design of the iPhone is no changes since the oldest iPhone, that was always drawn criticism.

Samsung even openly criticized the iPhone 4S, either from design, screen size, up to networking technology. In the Galaxy S II ads, Samsung criticize the fanatical Apple fanboy lines to the brand, although there was no change in design and technology, for example, there is no 4G network on the iPhone.

But rumors say, the iPhone 4S is actually an intermediate product,  before the iPhone 5 launched. Apple is touted to change the design and comprehensive technology on the iPhone 5.

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