iPad Nano Images Comes to Surface

iPad Nano is the  7.58 inch Apple tablet

iPad Nano
iPad Nano picture from Zoogue

Apple developers (WWDC 2012) gathering events on this year, is only a few days away. The most awaited is the official announcement the Mini iPad , which mentioned going to bear the name iPad Nano.

Well, while waiting on those days, there is already a leaked images of an iPad, with miniature proportions in a blog called ZooGue Blog. Is that might be an iPad Nano that recently attracted much attention ?

The latest information that is contrary to the current growing rumors. Instead the display diagonal is using 7.85-inch that was diagnosed, but it seems to be smaller 7.58 inches.

If we go back to the last time, first time iPad first release, many critics go as it is considered as a giant iPhone. But this time, can be proven that the iPad is a market leader in the tablet segment. As a result, iPad 7,58 at least still be considered ‘reasonable’, considering Amazon and Samsung has proven that they do not need tablets made ​​in 10.1 inches.

iPad Nano rumored will be equipped with micro USB port, which is now a universal charging solution in mobile technology. No longer a previous pin connector model.

To be sure, the closer to the WWDC 2012 event, the more vague rumors flourish. Hopefully there will be iPad Nano as a part of the WWDC event, which kicks off June 11, tomorrow. So everything can be explained, as the company with CEO Tim Cook really showed his work.

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