iPad 3 will have 8MP Camera, Retina Display, FaceTime HD?

iPad 3 will come with a design about 1 mm thick to accomodate new components.

ipad 3

Related to the rumors of Apple’s next-generation tablet pushed back. This time the rumors surrounding the iPad 3 revealed via the social networking Twitter from the account owner named Jeremy Horwitz.

According to Jeremy Horwitz, as reported from BGR, said if the camera on the back  iPad 3 will be equivalent to iPhone 4 or even iPhone 4S. While the camera on the front for video chat will support FaceTime HD.

Horwitz also said because the Retina Display and several new components, iPad 3 will come with a design about 1 mm thicker to acommodate the new components.

Interestingly, iPad mentioned will be available approximately three months later in March with a price tag starting at $ 499. With the presence of IPad 3 with official price tag on that range, it will promote the iPad 2 price reduction to $ 399. In fact, Apple is likely to decide to sell the iPad 2 8 GB version with a price tag approximately $ 299

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