Ice Cream Sandwich Android Smartphone Screenshots Photo Revealed

Ice Cream Sandwich Android Smartphone First cellphone has revealed

The first smartphone that was mentioned as the next version of Android smartphone seems to be revealed soon. A site called rootzwiki, claiming that it had received a picture and details from the source since the beginning of development Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

As proof, the site is also displaying two images about Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating  system that running on Nexus S smartphone. (Could it be first Ice Cream Sandwich Android Smartphone ?)

Ice Cream Sandwich Android Smartphone

According to these sources, it also said that the development of Ice Cream Sandwich are still very preliminary work and are not 100% functional. As a result, speculation is growing if the new Android operating system that would not be released in the near future.

Even so, some new features that would be present in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was already known, such as a new theme, an integrated camera with panorama feature, and user interface that varies just like the Honeycomb.

Source on rootzwiki site also said that the new Operating System will be loaded on the Android Nexus Prime and will become the first device that runs on the Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. While Android Ice Cream Sandwiches for Nexus S will be available after the operating system’s release.

Last word, i can’t wait too long for the release of Ice Cream Sandwich Android Smartphone.

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