HTC Sensation Camera Claimed Having Fastest Camera

HTC Sensation Camera Claimed Still Faster Than Any Competitors.

Like do not accept the claim From Nokia that said the new released smartphone, N9 has the fastest camera compared to other phones camera. HTC via the Twitter social networking site claims that the HTC Sensation has the fastest camera in the West (and East, South and North).

HTC Sensation Camera

As the reference the two smartphones have a same mega pixel.  The HTC Sensation Camera is 8 Mega Pixel camera and Nokia N9 has 8 Mega Pixel camera.

Not without proof, based on the testing performed by Stuff-Reviews, it said though Nokia N9 claimed to have the fastest camera in taking a picture. However, based on testing that performed to HTC Sensation Camera,  claimed  is was still faster than it’s competitors.

The HTC Sensation Camera claimed to be able to take pictures within 2.2 seconds. While Nokia N9 camera takes about 2.6 seconds to do the same. And, what about the quality of the images produced? Unfortunately, it is not an element that is measured on the testing of this camera. Because just to see which smartphone camera is fastest.

So who has the better cameras in general, what do you think? – Nokia N9 camera or HTC Sensation Camera.

Reference : Pulsa Magazine

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