Here is a New Feature on Samsung Galaxy S IV Camera

New Feature on Samsung Galaxy S IV Camera such as dual shot, sound and shot, drama shot, eraser, and photo cinema, that gives you new experience while taking a picture

New Feature on Samsung Galaxy S IV Camera

As we know Samsung Galaxy S IV is equipped with two cameras. The first camera is a 13 MP camera resolution placed on the rear, while on the front is a 2.1 MP camera resolution.

Both not only can be used to take pictures and video chats, but will also support a number of new features that involve eye-tracking and hand tracking. On the camera features Samsung’s pinning some of the features that are relatively new. What kind features are they ?, feel free to read the paragraph below about the new feature in Samsung Galaxy S IV camera.

  • Dual Shot, where both cameras, in front and behind can be used both at once to take a photo or video that results can show in a photo or video. So can retrieve or record objects that are in front of you, as well as take or record your own. Where the two results will be pasted in a single photo or video. Popup the result of image that you captured in front of the camera can also be turned on or off while you’ll take a video.
    Galaxy S IV Camera new features sound & shoot
  • Sound And Shot, where Samsung Galaxy S IV camera capable being able to capture the clip with the sound inside 9 seconds (similar to Zoe HTC). With this feature, users can take photos with the photo which will also be stored 9 seconds voice that can be recorded with the choice before or after taking the photo.
  • Drama Shot, where Samsung Galaxy S IV camera is capable to capture more than 100 photos in 4 seconds, and you can combine them into a single image.
  • Eraser, where you can remove objects from photo captured¬†from multiple photos. With this feature users can select some of the best photos that was taken with multiple photos. Then from the photo, you can remove unwanted objects.
  • Photo cinema, such as the Nokia Cinemagraph and allows you to record video and then choose the section which will be animated and which are static, and will generate GIF images.

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