Google Nexus Tablet Revealed Again

Google Nexus Tablet suspected picture  has been posted

Google Nexus Tablet
Google Nexus Tablet Picture from Pocketnow

The next rumors about the presence of tablet made  by Google revealed again. Recently, a google nexus tablet suspected picture  has been posted by the source from the Pocketnow site.

Although from the Pocketnow site source not recieved other details, but the sources at this site had been revealed a strong indication that the device was suspected as the Nexus tablet.

Yup, if you see the images, it seen several Google’s products icon, not seen any third-party applications or widgets that are normally present in tablets made ​​by Samsung, Motorola, and even the Viewsonic.

Although several shown quite strengthen the notion that the image is a Google Nexus tablet, there is still a weird thing of the picture. As reported previously, the Nexus tablet rumored to be made ​​by Asus says will come with a 7-inch format. Meanwhile, if the presented image viewed carefully more closer, it seen a 10-inch tablet.

Unfortunately other details have not been disclosed at this time. According to the rumors, Google Nexus tablet is expected to enter production phase later this month and will be rolled out to the market in June. The tablet is also rumored to be unveiled at the annual conference of Google I / O on June 27. For certainty, we wait for Google Nexus Tablet development.

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